So you looked on this wiki but still cannot find the resources for your students?

Below is a list of other resources pages that other individuals, universities and industries have created for teachers. Click on the link to view an overwhelming, educational, and exciting list of lesson plans and websites that will enhance your lessons for the betterment of your students.

Good luck on your search!

Sparkle Box - Thousands of products all free to download.
ePals K12 site with many free activities, projects, SchoolMail, forums, and a global community in 200 countries. Connect with another teacher to plan a truly global lesson.
Hot Chalk Lesson Plans Page - Pick the subject you desire and the grade,the search engine will find the lesson plans under the subject.
Thematic Pathfinders - This site is very user friendly for teachers to find their desired themes.
ABC Teach - Make your own custom documents for your students as well as find great lesson plans.
K-8 Resources - Pick the grade you desire then search for the subject. Great lesson plans that are printable.
Thinkfinity - On the right hand side use the search bar to search for key words, grade, subject and resource type. Great website and easy for teachers to use.
K-9 Science Resources - Pick the grade and you will find a great list of resources that all fit under the Evergreen Curriculum.
STF Stewart Resources Centre - Great resources and lesson plans that tie in with the Evergreen Curriculum.
Storyline Online - Online stories read out loud by people.
Illuminations - K-9 Math Resources.
Exploratorium- Science resources for a variety of grades. Has a lot of information and cool science experiments and projects.
Parks Canada- A website that allows you to pick the province, grade, and subject. It then provides you with lesson plans, activites, and printables.
Art Projects for Kids - A great blog filled with art projects for every grade that have been used in the classroom
Teaching Resources- A website with a "file folder" of various activities for all grades and subjects.
Math Central: A Internet Service for Mathematics Students and Teachers - A University of Regina site that provides math games, lesson plans and information for a range of grade levels.