Begin The Year Right...

Signs & Symbols - FREE & Printable signs and labels that any teacher can use in the classroom.

Classroom Labels - FREE and printable book labels, pupil name labels, drawer/resource labels and resource box label.
Themed Labels - FREE and printable themed labels. Some of the themes include, trees/plants, jungle/safari, birds, sea/ocean, minibeasts, colours, weather, stones, fantasy, places and more!
Classroom Signs - Signs and labels that can be used within classroom procedures/routines and subject areas.
Classroom Architect - Not sure how you want to set up your classroom? This site allows you to play around with classroom layout plans.
Perfect Attendance Candy Wrapper - Print this page and wrap a candy around to the student with the best attendance.


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Math Games Grade 4 math games based on the curriculum and separated by strand
Place Value Chart Game - If you have a smart board in your classroom, this is an excellent game to play.
Base Ten Game - Using base ten blocks, this is a fun game that reinforces instruction from the classroom.
Pearson Online Lesson - Math lessons.
Addition & Subtraction Game - A fun game for students to build on their mental math.
Fractions - This lesson plan is design to teach the introduction of fractions.
Math Toolkit - Online games that students can play to enhance development with place value, telling time, etc.
Place Value Chart Game - Online game.
Base Ten Game - Online game.
Pearson Math Makes Sense Online Games - Online games for students to play.
Money - Design a classroom grocery center.
Time Is Money - This lesson plan teaches students to add items together and line numbers based on the decimal.
Drawminos - Online tool where students can create domino patterns.
Planarity - An online game where students need to use their problem solving skills in order to complete the task.
Themed Number Sets - FREE and printable themed number sets.
Printable Counting Sheets - FREE and printable number lines, flash cards, etc.
Operations And Calculations - FREE and printable addition and subtraction activities.
Shapes And Space - FREE and printable sheets about 2D/3D shapes, sorting/matching, time, pattern, measuring/size, position and symmetry.
Coins And Money - FREE and printable sheets about coins, activities, coin activity sheets and more!
Fractions And More - FREE and printable sheets about fractions, times tables, posters/signs, math vocab words and more!
Instructional Videos - Videos about addition, subtraction, money, etc.

English Language Arts

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Celebrating Saskatchewan Unit - A fantastic unit all about Saskatchewan.
Literature Unit - An extensively long list of literature to use with students. Complete with activities and lesson plans.
Daily Five - A reading program that focuses on fostering independent readers.
Scholastic - Student reading record sheet
Essay Writing Format - User friendly guide to introduce students to writing essays.
Smartboard Lessons - A list of fabulous lesson plans that a teacher can use on the Smartboard.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - Good lesson to teach about word choice, repetitive text, rhythm, and rhyme.
Past Tense Verb Board Game - Have students print off the board game and challenge their knowledge of past tense verbs.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - Students will explore intellectual and emotional connections to their reading and monitor for understanding when events or information are puzzling or confusing.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - This lesson will provide students with a strong foundation for reading, writing, and using nonfiction.
Teaching Poetry- A great site with a variety of resources, printable sheets, and ideas to teach poetry.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - Graphic organizers help students construct meaning. Use these learning tools to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your students' thought process.
Book Review Blub - A printable sheet for students to review their favorite book giving details about the author, book title and space to write comments about the book.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - This lesson will help students connect prior knowledge and experience to the pictorial representation of characters, events, or information in a book.
Literacy Mood Ring Graphic Organizer - Graphic organizer for students to share their feelings about the book.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - Reading partners will independently begin the book that they have both chosen to read. They will meet throughout their reading of the book to discuss key moments within the context of the book.
Genre Chart - A three page printable document for students to match the book according the the genre.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - These lessons provide teaching strategies to help students make all three levels of connections
Book Notes - From Monday to Friday the students can write jot notes of the book that they read, how many pages and how they felt about it.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - Pair students with younger readers in book buddy sessions to improve the reading and social skills of all involved.
Just The Facts - A printable sheet that has students ask just the facts which include the 5 W's.
Remebrance Day Poem.doc- Various styles of poems students could choose to use. Concrete, acrostic, and two words on a line.
writing practice.doc - A hand out for students to practice their writing, punctuation, and capitalization.

Evergreen Curriculum Contexts

Personal and Philosophical Context

Emotions - Lesson plans filled with ideas to teach about emotions.
Emotions Unit - This site requires a person to registry before printing content, but this site provides some great ideas on how to decorate the classroom according to the unit as well as work sheets to give to the students.
Fire & Emergency Preparation Unit - A unit about fire and emergency preparation.
Scholastic Fire Safety Unit - Three printable lesson plans that explore fire safety.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - This lesson uses the book, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon by Paula Danziger to brainstorm qualities in a friend.
Scholastic Lesson Plan - This lesson focuses on the importance of friendship.

Social, Cultural, and Historical Context

Scholastic Lesson Plan - Author study.
Scholastic Unit - Mystery unit.
Scholastic Unit - Mini-unit on the Middle Ages.

Imaginative and Literary Context

Once Upon A Genre - A complete unit that focuses on different writing genres and responding to fairy tales different.
Scholastic Unit - A unit on myths, folktales and fairy tales.
Character Trait - Use this sheet to help students decide character traits when reading or writing a story
Scholastic Lesson Plan - This lessons allows students to interpret poetry.

Communicative Context

Scholastic Lesson Plan - Students write their own movie review.
What Is In A Newspaper - This printable sheet teaches students the parts of the newspaper.
News Review - Students use this sheet to create a news story.

Environmental Context

Carrot Seed - This lesson will allow students to learn about the structure of a carrot seed.
Ocean Life - Students learn about the ocean life.
Charlotte's Web - A unit based on the book, Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Dinosaurs - A lesson plan about dinosaurs.
The Dandelion Seed - The bright and detailed illustrations in The Dandelion Seed make it a favorite with students. Students enjoy recreating the world of the seed.


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Core Unit: Cells and Systems

Cells Alive - Breakdown of the parts of a plant and animal
Cell Theory - A review of cell theory.
The Skin As A Organ Defence - Summary of the function of the skin.

Core Unit: Forms of Energy

Energy Quest- A great website with interactive games the the students, movies on various forms of energy, links to other websites and much more! Definitely worth a look!
Energy Unit- Various lessons to teach about energy.
Forms Of Energy - Summary of the forms of energy.
Energy- Various lessons for energy including computer quizes, power points, work sheets, smartboard lessons, and more.
Entry Slip science.doc- For forms of energy
Science Definitions.doc- Energy definitions
Science energry gr 4 #1.doc - Introductory lesson to Grade 4 Enegry
Science energrysound.doc - A lesson on sound and energy

Core Unit: Fossils and Rocks

What Is Amber? - A summary on amber, which is a fossilized tree resin.
Printable Soil Layer Sheets - Soil layer sheets.
Fossil Formation - How fossils are formed.
How Fossils Are Formed - Royal Saskatchewan Museum provides plenty of resources for teachers.
Fossil Games - A website with fossil games.
Finding Fossils - What fossils are made out of and how to find them activities.
What Are Fossils? - Find out more about fossils.
How Fossils Are Formed - A website created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about fossil formation.

Core Unit: Predicting Weather

Weather Activity - Weathering, erosion or deposit? The students will have to sort the answers accordingly.
Weather Data Chart - Record the daily weather with your students.
Water In The Air - Experiment to do with your students.
Climate Comparison Chart - Compare the average temperature and precipitation.
Cloud Tutorial Video - Great video for the class.
Weather Whiz Kid - A kid-friendly website about weather.
Weather Webquest - A inquiry-based activity.
Clouds From Space - Gallery of clouds.
Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page - Weather pictures, information, activities
Cloudman's Cloud Gallery - Cloud resources and pictures
Cloud Pictures - Guessing game.
How Weather Works - Guide of our atmosphere
Weather - Activities, quizzes and games.
Animal Behavior - Information about animals predicting weather.
Weather Activities - A list of classroom weather activities.
Weather Around The World - Get information from weather around the world
Instruments - Lesson about the equipment used to determine weather conditions.
Canadian Weather Office Homepage - Official page
Weather Watch: Winter Storms - Winter activities

Optional Unit: Magnetism and Electricity

Lesson Plan One.doc ( What is electricity.doc & Activity One Daily Routine and Activity Two Dangers of Electricity.doc)
Lesson Plan TwoHow electrons, protons and neutrons work to create electricity.docx
Lesson Plan Three Creating Static Electricity.doc
Lesson Plan Four.docx ( What is Current Electricity.docx )
Lesson Plan Five.doc ( How electricity moves.doc )
Lesson Plan Six Simple Circuit.doc ( Simple Circuit.docx )
Lesson Plan Seven.doc ( Magnets.docx )
Grade 4 Electricity Wiki - Great wiki for students to use with games and activities for students to complete with parents or siblings at home.
Magnetism and Electricity Unit Package - A unit created by a third year university student

Optional Unit: Plant Diversity

Plants & Our Environment - This website is about plants and provides other informational pages about diversity in plants. Great site!

Optional Unit: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Vertebrates Printouts - Printable sheets.

Optional Unit: Senses

5 Senses - Experiments & activities.
Come To Your Senses - Activities about the five senses.
Seeing, Hearing & Smelling The World - Teacher information page.

Additional Resources:

Free Habitat Lessons - Free teachers guide for grade 4-6 on Canadian habitats form Ducks Unlimited Canada
Grade Four Science - A website full of amazing resources involving technology for various areas of grade 4 science.

Social Studies

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Core Unit; Identity

Identity Unit- A fully developed unit on Geographical Regions of Saskatchewan
Below is a unit about Saskatchewan
Learning about Saskatchewan Unit Outline.docx
Matrix of Unit Outline.docx
Learning About Saskatchewan Webquesst Master.docx - remove the answer and have the students go to this wiki site to begin the web-quest. Very engaging, resourceful and FUN:
Saskatchewan Jeopardy.doc.ppt - good review
Graphic Organizer.docx - do a vocabulary hunt on the word hero
People & Places - It has US questions, but they can be easily changed to Canadian.

Core Unit: Heritage

Treaty - Teach students about the treaties in Saskatchewan
Teacher Resource Wiki - Valuable wiki page dedicated for teachers to obtain resources and information for teaching about First Nations content.
Historical Photographs - Photos of First Nations people.
Historical Biographies - Biographies of the treaties.
Publications - A list of books for teachers to gain more knowledge about First Nations culture.
First Nation Videos - Valuable videos for student learning.

Lessons used with the Treaty Kit
social 1.doc- Intoduction to Treaties
social 2.doc - Thimble Activity
social 4.doc - Pass and Permit Simulation
Social Studies study guide.doc - A study guide the students ceated together
Social test Treaties.doc - Final Test
(Not all Lessons that were used are listed here)

Core Unit: Interdependence

Sorting Needs And Wants - Students use pictures to sort needs and wants.
Needs & Wants - This lesson uses a great story book and printable worksheets to assist in the development of needs and wants.
Difference Between A Need And A Want - This lesson allows the students to be the decision making and deciding if it is a need or a want.
Rights And Responsibilities Unit - A great unit, made for older grades but can easily be adapted for the third grade.
Child Find - One of the many agencies that help children in Saskatchewan.
A-Z Country Search - Search for countries and information using this easy-to-use site.
National Geographic - Pictures of people and places.
Currency - Students view the types of money used around the world.
Industry Matters - Good website. Explains the importance of industry.

Core Unit: Decision Making

Decision Making Lesson - Students will use various strategies to make a decision.
Helping Hands - This lesson explores all the ways students help others.

Additional Resources:

Arts Education

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Art & Sport - These multiple lesson allows students to make the connection between art and sport through movement.
Sport Poetry - This lesson using words to describe movement, creating a word wall and poetry to match the movement.
Dancing Elements - Lesson describes some of the elements of dance: space, time, energy.
Dances To Go - A great site with a variety of dance music. If you want the music you'll have to pay a small price.
Learn For Yourself - A great website with various forms of dance lessons, assessments, etc.
Dance Lesson Ideas - A great website where you are able to search for a particular dance or theme.
Dancing Winds - A great lesson, ties in with the theme of Earth as well as various locomotion, relationship with body and movement.
Dancing Through Poetry - Students learn how to express movement while examining poetry.
Dance1.doc - An introductory lesson to dance.


Duet Of Plays - Students will explore the pioneers' and settlers' ways of life through drama and song.
Drama Vocab - A great printable sheet with drama vocabulary.
Folktale Theater - This lesson is about using folktale to express emotions and feelings.
Why We Tell Stories - A great site for teachers to read about the real reason why we tell stories and great information to share with the students.
A Drama Exploration - Students will demonstrate three different ways a mountain can be formed using drama skills.
Role Play - Get ideas to bring role playing into the classroom.
What A Character! - Students learn how to analyze character traits.
Fiction, Plot, Setting - Students learn the elements of play and how they enhance writing.
Animal Habitats - Students learn about chronological order is stories and plays.
Little Mouse Unit - Unit based on the story, "Little Mouse on the Prairie".
Creative Drama From Picture Books - This site contains great ideas and mini lessons a teacher can use.

Visual Art

Fruit Art - Creative art that tastes good.
Halloween Art - Great seasonal craft ideas, the spider web bowl is my favorite and it looks great with lots of glue and little yarn!! Good luck!!
Play Dough Recipes - Recipe of play and all sorts of ways to use it.
Three Dimensional Shapes - Teach students about shapes with this great picture.
Log & Graphics Creator - Create logos with this creative program.
Positive & Negative Space - Great introduction activity to teach students about positive and negative space.
Arts Careers - This lesson teaches students about various careers in the arts.
Drawing - This website provides a series of lesson plans about different types of drawings.
Masks - This website provides a series of lesson plans about making masks.
Paper - This website is unique because it provides information on paper: history, how it is made and how to make paper in the classroom.
Patterns - This website provides lesson plans on patterns.
Picasso Art - Student will learn about the famous artist and recreate their own Picasso master pieces.
Stain Glass Art - Lesson about stain glass art.
Egg Shell Art - A fun lesson using broken egg shells.
Stuffed Art - Using paper, learn how to create a "stuffed" effect with your art.
Words & Pictures - Using pictures to create visual art.
Line, Shape, Pattern, Colour - Students learn about the elements of art.
Foreground, Middleground, Background - This lesson focuses on these three aspects.
Butterfly Symmetry Lesson - A lesson about symmetry.
Fish & Shoes - A neat lesson plan. Looks at texture.
Exploring Feelings - Students will compare feelings to art.
Draw What You Hear - Students listen and draw a visual.
JELLO Painting - A lesson using jello.
Landscapes & Sunsets - Students paint landscapes and sunsets using different elements of art.
Sand Painting - A great lesson using sand.
Art1.doc- A art lesson that focuses on how people will view art differently.


Folk Music - This site contains an overwhelming list of folk music lesson plans that can fit right into your classroom.
Jazz Music - This site contains an overwhelming list of jazz music lesson plans that can fit right into your classroom.
Classical Music - This site contains an overwhelming list of classical music lesson plans that can fit right into your classroom.
Musical Instruments - This site contains an overwhelming list of musical instrument lesson plans that can fit right into your classroom.
Rock And Roll - This site contains an overwhelming list of rock and roll lesson plans that can fit right into your
Music and Emotions Unit - Exploring feelings through music.
Music Elements Game - A good game to play to help students memorize elements ofEgg music.
Musical Expression - Students listen to music while creating a drawing based on the mood of the music.
Music Symbols - This lesson incorporates sidewalk chalk and music symbols.
Scribble Music - Students let crayons flow to the rhyme, dynamics, tempos and styles of music.
Nature Sounds - Nature sounds that you can play right off of the computer for your students.
Human Sounds - Human sounds that you can play right off of the computer for your students.

Additional Resources:

Physical Education

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Alternative Environmental Activities

First Aid Kit - This lesson teaches students the contents in a first aid kit.
Snacks - This lesson teaches students about healthy snacks and burning calories, made for older grades but can be adapted.
Biking - This site provides access to other websites about biking for students and lesson plans about biking.
Dole - A great website that you can use to teach students about healthy eating.
Orienteering Unit - Designed for older grades, but can be adapted for younger grades as well.
First Nations Games - A list of games from the First Nations culture.

Educational Rhythmic & Dance

Mini Unit Of "I Got A Feeling Dance" - Lesson.doc & video to follow to Oprah's Mob Dance Video Instructions.
Dance Lesson Ideas - Great website for collecting ideas on teaching various types of dances.
First Nations Dance - Learn about the patterns and story behind some of the dances of the First Nations.
Stretching - Very kid friendly visual of exercises.
Variety Of Dances - This site provides a huge list of other websites where teachers can obtain information on various dances.

Individual & Dual Activities

Stretching - Very kid friendly visual of exercises.
Hacky Sack Video - Learn how to do hacky sack moves.
Learn How To Juggle - Learn how to juggle.
Track & Field Games - A huge list of games that relate to track and field skills.
Different Kinds Of Skipping - This site provides ideas of various ways for students to skip using a rope.
Jump Rope With A Partner - Various ways to jump rope with a partner.
Group Jump Rope - An activity with group jump roping.

Educational Games

Intro To Throwing Skills & Drills - Teach students the proper way to throw an object and follow up with a drill.
Soccer Unit - Created by Special Olympics in BC, this is a great resource to use because it contains warms, drills, and skills for any students. Adapt or make it advance as you want!
Soccer Rules - Not sure of the positions in Soccer? Not sure of the rules? This site is happy to answer those questions for you.
Stretching - Very kid friendly visual of exercises.
Olympics Mini-Unit - A great way to teach students about the Olympics.
Musical Dribbling - This lesson focus on the dribbling skill.
Big Bear Tag - This lesson focuses on locomotor skills.
Tree Tag - This lesson teaches students about space awareness
The Hungry Snake - Cooperative learning game
Capture The Lion- A game involving running, skipping, walking and seeking skills.
Cookie Monster- Students work on their fleeing and chasing skills
Clean Up Your Room - This games uses caughting and throwing skills.

Educational Gymnastics

Teaching Gymnastics - Learn more about stability, balance, line of gravity, center of gravity, base of support, etc.
Gymnastics Activities - Great activities to use such as freeze frame, switceroo, mat attack, mat push, newspaper challenge and much more.
Stretching - Very kid friendly visual of exercises.
Educational Gymnastics - This webpage provides ideas for teachers to use with their students. Great page!
Gymnastic Skills - This site is directly from the curriculum with suggested activities for skill development.
Up Down All Around- Lesson plans that with great ideas!
Gymnastic Activities - 5 lesson plans based on gymnastic activities.
Indoor & Outdoor Gymnastics Games - Variety of games that you can use with your students.
Gymnastic Routines - Using pictures, this useless site shares simple routines that you can either adapt or challenge your students with.
Head & Neck Muscles - A labeled diagram of the head and neck muscles, Useful to teach the student the importance of head and neck safety when completing rolls.
Google Books - Preview the first 20 pages of this book about educational gymnastics, very good.
Falling Correctly - This site goes over the importance of knowing how to fall without pain or injury.


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Human Subway - A really neat picture comparing the human body to a subway. Must see!!
Obesity - A picture showing the internal organs of an obese individual and of a non-obese individual
Eat This Not That - This site grades restaurants and items at the grocery store. Click on additional links to explore how to eat healthy.
Digestive System Ideas - This site provides a list of ways to teach the digestive system.
First Aid - Caitlyn Bartlett has been teaching First Aid and CPR for the past four years and has also worked as an Emergency Medical Responder. She created a wiki about teaching First Aid because she felt that there is a lot of uncredited sources throughout the internet.
Food Comparison Label Chart - Compare food according to characteristics such as servings.
Food Showdown - Test students on daily nutrients facts.
Grab a Bully by the Horns This is a website with activities for students and information for teachers on bullying.
S-Team Heros - A computer games that helps students to make the right choices when dealing with bullies.
Health 1 dont laugh at me.doc- A lesson on bullying.
Health 2.doc- Students will create a bullying video to show various ways of avoiding or dealing with a bully.
What is Obese? A site about obesity.