Begin the Year Right

Signs & Symbols - FREE & Printable signs and labels that any teacher can use in the classroom.

Classroom Labels - FREE and printable book labels, pupil name labels, drawer/resource labels and resource box label.
Themed Labels - FREE and printable themed labels. Some of the themes include, trees/plants, jungle/safari, birds, sea/ocean, minibeasts, colours, weather, stones, fantasy, places and more!
Classroom Signs - Signs and labels that can be used within classroom procedures/routines and subject areas.
Classroom Architect - Not sure how you want to set up your classroom? This site allows you to play around with classroom layout plans.
Perfect Attendance Candy Wrapper - Print this page and wrap a candy around to the student with the best attendance.


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Math Games- Grade 2 math games based on the curriculum and separated by strand
Numbers to 100/Additon/ Subtraction - Printable and teacher resources for teaching numbers to one hundred, addition and subtraction
2D and 3D shapes- Great printable and interactive power points
2D and 3D shapes- Great for introduction to 3D and 2D shapes or as a way to compare 3D and 2D objects
Pattering and Problem solving- Various games and Activities for students.
Interactive Shape Games- Various interactive games for students that uses shapes
Online Math Games- Math games based on numbers to 100. skip counting, base 10 blocks, money games, patterning, subtraction, addition, and much more!
Measurement, Money, Numbers to 100, Addition and Shapes- Printable resources, online games, and lessons. Free Number to 100 printable charts.
Math PrintablesMath Printables- Printable work sheets on numbers to 100, skip counting, compare and order, addition, subtraction, reasoning, problem solving, fractions, time and money.
Math Meyhem - A game for sudents to prcatice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while competing against other players on the internet.
Cool Math Games - Fun computer games that have a focus on math.
SMART Board- Lesson plans to use with a SMART Board.

English Language Arts

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Starfall - fun games to encourage reading and phonics skills. Can be used at various grade levels.
Lessons- Various Language Arts lessons
Lessons Various lessons and acticites for listening, reading, writing, etc.
Readng activities - Has a list of activities that you can do in the classroom to foster reading and make it fun.
Writing Activities Various lessons and acticites for listening, reading, writing, etc. |Writing Activities]] Has a list of activites that can be used in the classroom to foster writing skills and make writing fun.
SMART Board- A variety of Language arts lessons to use on the SMART Board.


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Agriculture In the Classroom- A Saskatchewan website that provide educational resources for teachers including lessons, loan resources, and resources to order, as well as a list of field trips and programs that are available in Saskatchewan. ( Great resource!)
Grade 2 Science- Great resources sorted by strand. Includes web quests, lessons and links. Based on the Evergreen Curriculum
SMART Board- Lists various lessons to use on the SMART Board.
Bat life cycle.doc- A lesson based on the lyife cycle of a bat

Core Unit: Habitats

Teacher Plant- Lesson plans, printable worksheets, and various other resources
Project Wild- For anyone who has used Project Wild there are additional resources.
Unit on Habitats - A unit for Saskatchewan plants, habitats, and animals.
Habitats- A fully formed unit on habitats based on the Saskatchewan Curriculum
Science World - Lessons for students on habitats and how to protect them
Habitats - Interactive games for various habitats
Deserts- Various links, printable work sheets, lessons, and activities focused on deserts
Biomes- various information on different habitats, as well as links, information, and interactive websites
Venn Diagram- For comparing and contrasting different habitats
Habitat resources - activities, flash cards, writing activities, word searches, scrambled words and much more. Resources are divided by different habitats.
Desert Habitats - Activities and printable pages on desert habitats
Habitats and Food Chains- Information on habitats, who lives in them , and what the animals eat.

Core Unit: Magnets

Magnets- A fully formed unit on magnets based on the Saskatchewan Curriculum
Magnets- Information on magnets as well as activities and lessons
Magnets - Activities, unit plans, and lessons about magnets
Magnets Unit - A great unit about magnets created by a third year university student

Core Unit: Plant Growth

Plants - Informational and interactive resources
Plant Growth - A fully formed unit on Plant growth based on the Saskatchewan Curriculum

Core Unit: Weather

Lessons- various lessons on weather
Weather- Full lessons and a list of resources
Weather- Full lessons and activities on weather for the Saskatchewan curriculum
Sky Watchers- Students and teacher resources form Environment Canada. Great resource!

Optional Unit Dinosaurs

Robotic Dinosaurs- Information on different dinosaurs and when they lived. It also has teacher resources, earth information, orbital information, volcanoes, and much more
Name that Reptile- Students have to match the dinosaur to it's name. After they have correctly matched the dinosaur they recieve a free printable data sheet about that dinosaur. The dinosaurs are separated by Carnivores, Herbivores, and flying reptiles. It also has information on fossils, links to other websites and a Kids Habitat with various activities for students.
National Geographic- Information on prehistoric times and dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Eggs- A recipe for creating dinosaur eggs that your students can discover and break open.
Grade 2 dinosaur unit.doc- Full Dinosaur unit

Additional Resources

Fossweb- An Amazing resource with various activities for various Units. Each module has an activity or video, teacher resources, videos, audio books, printable resources and much more!

Social Studies

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Needs and Wants- A lesson on needs and wants called "How much can I buy"
Meeting needs and wants: Community- Lists of activities sorted by topics along with assessment techniques and checklists
Activities- Activities for all units in the Social curriculum.
Traditions around the world- Information and activities to teach students about different traditions around the world
Tools of the Trade- An activity where students can learn about different occupations
Schools and Communities- A wiki on the schools and Classroom and School community in the Identity Unit. Full Uni plan based on the Evergreen Curruculm.
Our Community- A full unit plan on our community under the identity unit in the Evergreen curiculum.
Weather and Seasons in our Community- A unit plan on the weather and seasons in our community under the Social unit Identity.
School Then and Now - A full unit plan on School then and now, based on the Evergreen Curriculum.
Needs and Wants - A unit plan on needs and wants under the interdependance unit.
School Meets Needs and Wants- A unit that teaches how the school meets needs and wants.
Community Meets Needs and Wants - A unit plan on how the community meets our needs and wants.
SMART Boards- Various SMART Board lessons related to Social Studies.
interview lesson.doc - A Social lesson that focuses on interview skills.

Art Education

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Visual Art

Grade 2 - Various Visual Art Activities
Visual Arts and Crafts- Lessons for grade 2
Mr. Picasso head - A website where students use abstract images to create pictures
Eric Carle -Art ideas for all grade that connect to different Eric Carle books.
Art Projects for Kids- A blog with visual art activites for grade 2 that have been used in a classroom.
Coloring Pages- Free coloring pages from crayola. Also includes a section where you can create your own coloring pages.
Art Techniques- Tips, tricks and techniques for using paints, modeling compounds, crayons, markers and colored pencils.
Success Guides - Success books, from educators, on how to increase student success in art.
Crayola Lesson Plans- Lesson plans separated by grade, subject, theme, or product.
Success with Special Needs- How to create successful hands on art projects for students who have special needs.
Pumpkin lesson.doc- A visual art lesson on chalk pumpkins that can also be used as a Jack-o-lantern art project.


Grade 2- Various Drama activities and lessons
Drama Lessons- Various lessons sorted by grade, lesson type, and content. Amazing aount of lessons.
Drama Centers - A list of places that you oculd use as a set foryour dramatic play ex: mall, airport, animal shelter, etc.
Drama Lessons - Drama Lesson Plans.


Dance Unit- Dance activities and lessons with videos demonstrating the steps.
Dance LessonsVarious lessons on rhythm and movement
Dance Lessons- Various dance lessons and warm up activites
Dance lesson.doc- A dance lesson used in Grade 2


Music Theory - Information for students about music theory such as the beat, rhythm, etc. All resources have a grade level attached.
Music lesson Plans- Fully created lesson plans for grade 2
Music Lessons- A wide variety of music lessons consisting of rhythm, beat, instruments, melody, pattering, and mood.

Physical Education

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Warm Ups and Short Games-
Games and Activities- A list of various games and cooperative activities that can be adapted to any age.
Lesson Plans- Various elementary lesson plans
Locomotor- Various locomotor lessons along with various other games and activites
Activites- Various games separated by categories such as chasing, dodging, body awareness, etc.
Lessons- Grade 2 lessons based on the Saskatchewan Curriculum.
Lesson Plans and Activities- Various lesson plans and activities for all areas.


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Health- Lesson plans and internet resources.
Kids Health lesson on drugs, asthma, food allergies, and much more.
Health Check list- Forces on wellness choices, life choices, and life learning choices.
First Aid - Caitlyn Bartlett has been teaching First Aid and CPR for the past four years and has also worked as an Emergency Medical Responder. She created a wiki about teaching First Aid because she felt that there is a lot of uncredited sources throughout the internet.
Grade 1 Health lesson.doc- A Health lesson based on sharing
Halloween safety.doc- A Health lesson based on Halloween safety.