Begin The Year Right..

Welcome to 1st Grade - Welcome to 1st grade printable poster.
Welcome to 1st grade post cards - Welcome to 1st grade post cards.
Sign & Symbols - FREE and printable signs and symbols any teacher can use in the classroom.
Classroom Labels - FREE and printable book labels, pupil name labels, drawer/resource labels and resource box label.
Themed Labels - FREE and printable themed labels. Some of the themes include, trees/plants, jungle/safari, birds, sea/ocean, minibeasts, colours, weather, stones, fantasy, places and more!
Classroom Signs - Signs and labels that can be used within classroom procedures/routines and subject areas.
Classroom Architect - Not sure how you want to set up your classroom? This site allows you to play around with classroom layout plans.


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Interactive Math Skill Builders - This is a interactive math website that focuses on mathematical processes, number and operations, algebra, geometry/measurement, and data analysis.
Horizon School Division Math Resources - This Saskatchewan based school division created online math games based directly from the curriculum.
Math Fact Sheets - This site enables a teacher to have students practice their addition, time, money and subtraction. If these flash cards do not meet the unique learning style of a student, then the teacher can create their own flash cards/worksheet.
Numbers- A site that offers online interaction and printable lessons for teachers and students to work on addition and subtraction skills.
Printable Math Worksheets - This site contains printable works that can be used to enhance development and understanding of addition, subtraction, place value, money, weight and measurement.
Addition, Place Value, Subtraction & Telling Time - Printable worksheets for students learning or can use additional support with addition, place value, subtraction and telling time.
Time Worksheets - Fill in the blanks and let the computer generate your worksheets! All you have to do is fill out the type of problem, time increments and clock size. The generate button will generate both problem and answers.
Money Worksheets- Fill in the blanks and let the computer generate your worksheets! All you have to do is fill out the type of problem, time increments and clock size. The generate button will generate both problem and answers.
Pre-made Addition & Subtraction Worksheets - Pre-made worksheets ready to use.
Smartboard Lessons - SMART Notebook lesson activities.
Grade One Literature List - A variety of literature that covers the essential components of mathematics.
Themed Number Sets - FREE and printable themed number sets.
Printable Counting Sheets - FREE and printable number lines, flash cards, etc.
Operations And Calculations - FREE and printable addition and subtraction activities.
Shapes And Space - FREE and printable sheets about 2D/3D shapes, sorting/matching, time, pattern, measuring/size, position and symmetry.
Coins And Money - FREE and printable sheets about coins, activities, coin activity sheets and more!
Fractions And More - FREE and printable sheets about fractions, times tables, posters/signs, math vocab words and more!
Instructional Videos - Videos about addition, subtraction, money, etc.

English Language Arts

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Language Arts Skill Builders - This website includes skills that focus on grammar, phonics and reading. This is an interactive web page so either as a class or individually the students can enjoy!
Smartboard Lessons - SMART Notebook lesson activities.
Beginning, Middle & End Chart
Dolch Word List - Sight words and activities
Short Vowel Sounds - Printable worksheets, letter Aa, letter Ee, letter Ii, letter Oo, letter Uu and review.
Word Family Sets - Printable word families
Creative Writing Ideas - This site provides creative writing ideas. These activities can be accomplished in a written format, orally, or through a video.
Daily Five - A reading program that focuses on fostering independent readers.

Evergreen Curriculum Contexts

The Evergreen Curriculum provides themes for teachers to use. Click here to view these themes. The following information is based on these themes.

Personal and Philosophical Context

Feelings - Feelings lesson plans
All About Me & Feelings Merchandise - Use this site to purchase products for your units or to obtain ideas for crafts.

Social, Cultural, and Historical Context

New Friends - This site provides information that may inspire ideas related to this theme.
Family Unit - A unit about family. Contains fully developed lessons, activities and printable sheets.
Family Literature - This website provides nonfiction and picture books for teachers to read to their students about family diversity.

Imaginative and Literary Context

Fairy Tales Unit This website provides an impressive amount of units, resources, webquests and links all based around the theme of fairy tales.
Fairy Tales And Fables - A list of the greatest fairy tales and fables of all time.
Classic Fairy Tales - A great list of fairy tales.

Communicative Context

Celebrations - This website provides ready made lesson plans, links and webquests all based around celebrations.

Environmental Context

On The Farm - This is an excellent link with day by day lesson plans that connect with ELA and other subject areas.
Farm Animal Merchandise - Want to bring the farm to the students? This site provides farm themed merchandise that you can purchase.
Farm Animal Webquests - This impressive link has various webquests based on the theme of farm animals for students and teachers to play with.


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Core Unit: Plants

Plants KWL Chart
Earth Day - Work to save the Earth by creating environmentally friendly crafts.
Explore the Plant Kingdom- Activities and experiments about plants.
Inside a Seed - A lesson plan about the internal seed structure.
Plant Project Ideas- A list of projects that students can accomplish that revolve around the theme of plants.

Core Unit: Animals

Animal Unit - an entire unit ready to use about animals that meets the standards of the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum.
Animal Unit - Saskatoon Public School Division has a ready made unit that fits into the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum.
Animals you can see at the zoo - Complete with pictures and sounds.
Print and Color- Printable endangered animals that can be colored and read about as well.
Especies Fact Sheet - Electronic fact sheets on over 50 species. Catergorizes animals based on location on the planet ( Middle East, Asia, Australia, Arctic and Antarctic, North America, South America, Europe, Africa). There is also a Habitat heading that includes, coral reef, desert, forest, grasslands, marine, and wetlands.
WildEarth TV - Has live cameras in an eagle's nest, a bear's den, on a safari and lots more.

Core Unit: Earth

Water, Water Everywhere, and Nary a Drop to Drink - A unit based all on the Earth's water.
Rocks, Minerals and Inside The Earth - A unit based on minerals and rocks within the Earth.
Exploring the Earth - A unit that looks at the Earth from the inside out.
Do You Have Rocks In Your Head? - A unit that explores the formation and characteristics of minerals ans the three kinds of rock.
NASA Photographs - Photographs take by NASA of the Earth.

Core Unit: Senses

Senses Games - Online games about senses.
Senses Unit - A complete unit on the five senses.
The 5 Senses Webquest - A sense webquest.
10 Activities for Teaching About the 5 Senses - A list of activities that teachers can use with their students to enhance development and understanding about the five senses.
5 Senses Lesson Plan - Lesson plan about the 5 senses.
Colour Mixing - This site allows students to discover what happens when colours are mixed.

Optional Unit: Classifying Matter

What's the "Matter"? - A ready to use unit about Matter.

Social Studies

To view learning objectives and outcomes of the core themes click here

Unit: Identity

Me Theme

Bar Graph - Students can look at similarities and differences by using a bar graph.
All About Me Flower - Students can write, paste pictures, or draw in the petals to demonstrate why they are unique.
All About Me Questionnaire - Students fill in the blanks about themselves.
All About Me Questionnaire 2 - This questionnaire states a category the student lists their favorite things to do, ex: Sports - Baseball, Basketball, etc.
Learning About Each Other - Students can go around the room to learn about their classmates.

Belonging To A Group


Families Unit - A ready made unit about Families.
Family Activities In Math, Art, Science, & Games - This website provides activities on the theme of families throughout various disciplines.
What Is A Family? - This is a fully developed unit incorporating various activities while trying to answer the question, "What is a family?"
Family Unit - A unit about families from a religious view point.
My Family Booklet - A nine page booklet students can fill out about their family.


Physical Education

To view objectives and outcomes of physical education click here

PE Newsletter - Online newsletter with the latest information about physical education in schools.

Alternative Environment Activities

Wow Walking Zone Unit - Student investigate parts within their community.

Educational Rhythmics and Dance

Dance Resources - This webpage is full of resources that teachers can access to teach their students various cultural dances as well as complete activities.
Dance and Rhythmic Activities - Activies that relate to dance.

Educational Games

Cooperative Games - This site provides cooperative games for students to work and cooperate with one another and with equipment to solve problems and work on team work skills.
Small Space Games - These games will help students become aware of the space around them.
Games That Enhance Sport - These games incoporate the skills needed for various sports.
Games Involving Equipment - Games involving balls.

Educational Gymnastics

Learning To Play Fair - This lesson is designed to teach students to play fair in games.
Warm-Up Video - This is a video that demonstrates the types of warm-ups used for beginners.
History of Gymnastics - Information regarding the history of gymnastics.
Gymnastic Activities - Various activities using equipment, space, and movement with others.
Teaching Stability & Balance - This site provides good information for the teacher to teach about center of gravity, balance and stability.
Indoor & Outdoor Gymnastics Games - Various activities that relate to gymnastics.
Gymnastics Routines & Pictures - Great routines for beginners with pictures included.
Videos - Here is a list of video that you can watch and teach to your students.
Gymnastic Falls - A list of safety falls to teach to your students.
Gymnastic Book - Complete with routines and pictures.

Individual and Dual Activities

Parachute - Lesson plan involving a parachute to build locomotor skills.
Hula Hoops - This lesson plan instructs students to match a colour object with the correct colour of hula hoop while crawling, jogging, etc.
Capture The Lion - This game focuses on locomotion skills.

Arts Education


To view learning objectives and outcomes, click here

Types of Dance - List of dances to teach to students.
Dance - Lesson plans, dances, and history of dance.
Dance Website - A dance website for kids.


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Readers Theater - A list of scripts.
Drama From Story - Create drama from a picture book.
Hand Animals - Using fingers and hands to make puppets.
Nursery Rhyme Charades - Who ever thought that nursery rhymes could be so fun?
Growing Tree - Narrative story about a seed that turns into a tree.
Painting The Box - Good exercise that focus on imagination.
Coming Together - About space and visualizing space.


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Beaver Song - Teach students to move to the beat.
Fly Butterfly, Fly! - Encourage movement through music.
Find The Sound - Allows students to identify various sounds.
Lego Rhythms - Use Lego blocks to show rhythm.
Down By The Bay: Rhyme & Melody - Teaching rhyme and melody through song.
Talking Drum Game - Students use their feet to match the beat of the drums.
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time! - Students will sing and play instruments.
Tempo Train - A lesson plan about the various forms of speed in instruments.
Back to School Song - Back to school song for students to sing.
Learning To Find Your Singing Voice - A lesson plan that focus on finding your singing voice.
Sound Awareness - Teach students about sound awareness.

Visual Art

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Vocabulary - A list of visual art vocabulary.
Saskatchewan Artist - A list of Saskatchewan painters.
Line - Pictures of different kinds of line.
Shape - Pictures of different kinds of shape.
Colour Wheel - Pictures using different shades of colour.
Space - Pictures that demonstrate different forms of space.
Texture - Examples of texture.
Line, Shape, Colour, Space, Texture Videos - Videos about these forms of visual art.


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Heart & Stroke Foundation - A unit created by the Heart & Stroke Foundation about healthy living.
Kids Health - A great website to help generate ideas to plan an experiential unit plan.
Internet Safety - A website that discusses the importance of internet safety.
First Aid - Caitlyn Bartlett has been teaching First Aid and CPR for the past four years and has also worked as an Emergency Medical Responder. She created a wiki about teaching First Aid because she felt that there is a lot of uncredited sources throughout the internet.