Enjoy nature before it is put behind glass...
Enjoy nature before it is put behind glass...

Enviromental Education Games & Activites - Complete solos, hug-a-tree, eating bugs, and so much more with your students by going to this website.
Ducks Unlimited Canada- Teachers can download the wetland ecosystem package.
Environmental Lesson Plans- This site contains a variety of lesson plans all about the environment.
GEOEC - Select your grade, and then download our free unit and lesson plans.
Lesson Plans Written By Teachers For Teachers - Lesson plans surrounding the idea of outdoor education written by teachers around the world.
Quinzee Building - Step by step instructions on how to build a quinzee.
Summer/Fall Shelter Building - Videos on how to build a shelter with sticks, etc.
Outdoor Education: Methods And Strategies - Online Google book.
Below Zero - Winter activities including, bird banquets, winter survival, snow place like home, ready set snow, winter wonders, dress like a polar bear and snowmobile savvy.
Fish Ways - Activities about fish including, designer fishes, dissect a river, going going gone, scales tell tales, and what should I do.
Focus On Forests - Resources for teachers to use with the theme of forests!
Project Wild - Find resources on aquatic education, awareness/appreciation, conservation/research, ecological principles, responsible action, species information, urban/multicultural and wildlife habitat.
Paper Unit - A unit about paper and its relationship and role in the environment.
Ocean Sciences - Resources to teach about ocean life.
Trees - Teach students about leaves and identifying trees.
Birds - Learn about the characteristics and behavior of birds.
Discovery Education - Access lesson plans and resources.
Outdoor Education Lesson Plans - Chose from a variety of lesson plans ranging from K-12.