Using Technology Successfully In The Classroom Presentation Presented By Michael Wesch

What To Know Everything About Today's Technology? - Great site for beginners!!!! This is a comprehensive wiki detailed with the tools needed to create digital storytelling, audio, bookmarking, charts/graphs, digital art, file sharing/conversions, photo editing, presentations/slideshows, project management, search engines, social networks, survey/polls, timelines, webquests, word processing and video screen casting.

**Stretch Your Digital Dollar** - This blog offers low-cost ideas for integrating technology into any classroom. It also lists K-12 lesson plans, in all subject areas, that integrate technology.

Digital Storytelling Project: ePals
Students learn about the age-old practice of storytelling and use 21st century tools to create their own digital story. Students will explore digital storytelling as a way to tell a story, promote cross-cultural understanding and build meaningful connections with others. Students will participate in an email exchange to discuss the process. They will 1) develop a story topic 2) write their story 3) create or find appropriate images to support their story and 4) share their story and reflect on their work. Finished stories from other students can be viewed on the free site,

The Way We Are Project: ePals
What makes us who we are? In this introductory project, students will engage in a collaborative learning experience. Through email exchanges, students will build friendships and learn about the daily lives and characteristics of the local environment of students who live in another region of the world. Teachers can also get free, safe and protected SchoolMail accounts for students to use in this or other projects.

Dance Mat Typing is a free, fun, leveled game that teaches kids of all ages to type. It’s produced by the BBC and is hosted by an amusing Ringo-esque goat.

Student Forums: ePals ePals student forums are discussion boards that provide ongoing public discussion with other K12 students around the world. Students can read, post, and reply to topics of interest to them. All messages to ePals forums are screened before posting. Students under the age of 18 are permitted to post on Student Talk, the appropriate project forums and book club forums. Your students can read through these questions and answers without a free membership. If you have parental permission, they can "join" the free site and also post their own questions and answers. Translation of 35 languages is included.

VoiceThread allows you and your students to have group conversations around images, documents, and videos. Students can basically create podcasts around a single (or a series of) images, documents, or videos. During these recordings, they can annotate over the files to further express themselves. Voicethread allows dozens of people to record their own recordings over the same file, much like a conversation.

**Quest Atlantis** is a virtual world, much like Second Life, designed by Indiana University researchers specifically to immerse children in educational tasks.

**Jing** is the perfect application for creating screencasts. And it’s free! It allows you to record whatever is happening on your computer screen as well as your voice, so you can explain exactly what you’re doing.

Edmondo - Private, Twitter-like tool.

Stickybits - "Tag your world"

Wordle - Word clouds

Wallwisher- An online notice board maker.

Pivot - Stick figure animation

Scratch - Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art.

Big Huge Labs - Do fun stuff with your photos

Kids Blog - Easy way to have students blogging. Free and safe!

Creative Commons - Share, use, remix music and beats legally.

CC Mixter - Download, Sample, Cut-up, Share.

Free Music Archive - A place to obtain free music

Funky Remixs - Download free remixes

Jamendo -Download and share music for free.

Audacity- Free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

Aviary Myna- Free online audio editor

Podbean- Easy and powerful way to start podcasting. Easy to publish within 3 steps.

Internet Archive - Do you like free media? This website is a non-profit, digital library of site and cultural facts in digital form

SoundCloud - SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.

50+ Storytelling Tools from CogDogBlog- This website provides a great list of web-based resources that can be used to create stories. This is a very organized site and the programs are very user friendly.

Digital Storytelling from Wes Fryer - Want to learn more about creating podcasts, voice threads, and creating digital stories using online tools? Are you wondering how cell phone digital storytelling, digital music creation, and digital storytelling with minimal clicks work? This is an organized and informational site exploring popular online tools and not only providing resources by providing a description about the online tool itself. A great website for those who are new to technology and online tools.

Open Thinking Wiki - Dr. Alec Couros created a wiki based on various online technology resources for teachers to use with their students. This wiki is organized under the following headings: Important Resources, Process, Media Resources, Examples of Digital Storytelling ( Commercials, Remixs/Mashups, Stop Motion, Public Service Announcements, Student Created Stories), and Other Resources and Stories.

Links for School Bloggers - Want to blog with another class? Want to connect with other principals and teacher? Here you will find a huge list of school blogs all arranged in the following categories: Classroom blogs in alphabetic order, Classroom Podcast Audio Blog, College Bound Students, Individual Student Blogs, Teacher Blogs, Parent Blogs, Professor Blogs, Principal Blogs, Administrator Blogs, Library Blogs, Professional Development Blogs, and Psychologist’s Blogs, Education Company Blogs.

Classroom Technology Tutorials - Want to use technology in the classroom but find the vocabulary and strategies to present it to your class confusing? This link provides step-by-step strategies to integrate technology so it is easy for both you and your students to understand.

Flash Paint - Online painting tool.

Kaleidoscope Painter - Create geometric shapes all by using the mouse. As the shapes change so does the colour. So fun!

Log & Graphics Creator - Create logos with this creative program.